To Meet Challenges, We’ve Created A Unique Approach

We bring to you a range of accredited eye wear that must be used by people that handles such threat to eyes while working. Your Eyes plus our Frames gives you the Perfect Combo.


Get Ready with the Stylish Frames. Vision is fashionable with ROMEE frames


Stylish and Comfortable KENRO frames that will give you a New Look


Premium Quality Design is the silent Embassador of our brand KENEE


Our New Brand PARKENS gives you an Aesthetic Vibe

Types of Eye Wears

Spectacles have now become a fashion accessory to the young and old.  The wide variety of coolers available at our counter caters to your utility and fancy. Be it for a cool look or keeping up with the latest fad, we have Frames that suits one and all.


Explore the World from Another Outlook


Treat yourself with the Best Eyeframes


Give your Child a Better Vision for their better Future

Want to know more about us ?

Our Company has Curious, Ambitious and Strong Employees who work hard for the Success of the Company.

Our Company Reaches

Our company has a lot of great benefits. We are here to inform, entertain and inspire action through the work we do. We are Redefining Success on our own Terms.

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What our Clients say

Very Satisfied with their service

“I always had a problem with getting perfect pair of glasses for me. But here I got the Perfect Specs for me and I got it ready with proper number and focus within 2 Days.”

Mit Damani
Damani Computers

Worth the investment

“This is the best company for buying Spectacles. The people here are extremely helpful and helps us find the perfect pair of glasses for our face.”

Romil Parekh
Romee Enterprise

Effective and On Time Service

“The Service was effective and quick. I got my pair of glasses within 2 Days. People here are experienced in this craft.”

Jil Damani
Damani Infotech

Most Cooperative and Helpful Staff

“Best People to work with. Staff here listens to our problems and gives accurate and useful ways to solve it.”

Smitesh Sheth
Raedan Securities

Good Quality and Perfect for your Eyes

“There is no Eyestrain! Completely happy with the pleasant vision, the computer glass frames and lenses are in superior quality.”

Jatin Ajmera
J. Ajmera Associates

Fashionable, Trendy & Comfortable

“Thanks to RK Eyewears for the perfect eyeglass. The frames were light and fashionable and it is very comfortable to wear.”

Jay Bakhai
Anglo Oriental Light Company

Got my Favourite Pair

“I just had a wonderful experience at RK Eyewears’ and am very excited about my new glasses. They have the greatest selection of frames and knows exactly what type suits me best so it’s never a problem to find something that ultimately turns into my favourite pair ever.”

Yash Hemani
Yash Corporation

Got my Favourite Pair

“I refer to RK Eyewears as the Elegant Frame Whisperer. They do a fantastic job of fitting you with glasses. They are a master fitter of frames. The selection of frames is great, stylish, smart, elegant and you always look good in whatever you purchase from here.”

Bhavika Shah
Aakar Enterprise

For a proper eye care, trust nothing but RK Eyewear!

“Tried it for the first time and totally in love with the experience. Economical, wide range of options & impeccable QUALITY! Loved it so much that everytime I think of buying a pair of spectacles, RK Eyewear is the only brand that comes to my mind! To sum it up, great price, great quality, great styles, great customer service – A perfect package for your eye!”

Yash Jadhwani
Anjali Enterprises

RK Rocks

Good experience. Hard working Team. Fully satisfied with the service.

Bhavin Sheth